5 Steps For Reaching Your Ideal Career Job

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Engage & Excel Enterprises has been the leading talent agency, serving the promotional merchandising - incentive recognition - print industries, for the past seven years.

It is common these days, that top talent candidates are taking quality time (proactively or reactively) to assess their career history and desired future.

A worthwhile initiative, regardless whether the outcome, has you making a move, or staying where you are at, with a clearer direction.

Engage & Excel can support you, with this proven process. Below outlines 5 sequential steps, we will work through, together.

Step 1: Discover what you really want out of work, in alignment with your life.

Discover your true passions, desires, beliefs, and talents so that you can paint a picture of your work and life goals, from your own perspective. Remember that everything that you have done up to this point is valuable somehow. The best fit for a new job comes from a suitable mix of past experience, expertise within an industry sector and specific knowledge about a particular product or service. Chose only fields or endeavors where you can genuinely be passionate and avoid simply “going through the motions”. Enlist the help of someone who can be objective with you about your aspirations and your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Be prepared to be honest with yourself and be open to feedback.


Step 2: Develop and define the career job you really want.

That's right! Design and define the job that will allow you to follow your passions, desires, and beliefs and maximize your talents. What you are doing is building your ideal job around what you want as opposed to waiting for job opportunities that come along to evaluate. Believe it or not, your ideal job actually exists in more than one way and within the personal parameters you set. You should aim to leverage your past experience and move into a more challenging role that uses that experience. While there is nothing wrong with changing to a completely new industry or career, statistically speaking, most people find that their next role leverages experiences and passions of their previous and current roles. Engage & Excel can brainstorm this with you, and where relevant, use self assessment and career mapping tools.


Step 3: Identify, research and evaluate companies that offer what you want.

Having completed steps 1&2 together, this is where Engage & Excel shines to most:

  • We work with and represent many top promotional merchandising, incentive recognition and print distributor leading organizations and we understand them well [each with their own unique cultures, all with powerful value propositions, ranging from small-mid private, some WBE, to extremely large and even public companies]
  • It’s our job to be (i) directly engaged with CEO and leaderships teams, (ii) know which ones are the best fit for you and (iii) aware who is hiring now and/or in the near future.

Step 4: Engage with those companies, at the right levels.

We will work with you to develop a powerful engaging personal profile [typically involves your customized cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile and our summarized assessment from working with you.]

We then present your profile, get a commitment to connect and set you up directly.

Step 5: The interview process.

While we are not often directly involved in the interview process, we support the success, from behind the scene, for both you and the prospective new employer.

By following our proven process, 78% of presented candidates, that reach the interview process, are hired and on a path to further their careers.


Key takeaways

Performing career aspirational goals is beneficial, even if the outcome is to stay where you are at, with a clearer direction.

Like all important initiatives and decisions in life, developing and executing a plan, leads to much greater likelihood of success.

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