Strategic Account Management 1 min read

Engage & Excel Enterprises has been the leading talent agency, serving the promotional merchandising - incentive recognition - print industries, for the past seven years.

Effective STRATEGIC ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT is perhaps the most important coordinated set of deliverable skills to earning - maintaining - growing strategic value with the right clients.

With content provided by our world class sales training partner, THE RAIN GROUP, this six lesson (plus bonus content) eLearning course will provide professional sales training like you have never experienced before.

Engage & Excel Enterprises is proud to provide you these materials at no cost, simply as a means to continually earning your trust and confidence in our primary mission: "To help sales professionals and organizations explore growth".


Course Curriculum

Appropriately - the promotional merchandising, incentive marketing and print industries are prioritizing the value of world class sales training.


Our industry is evolving at lightening speed.

The sales skills and resources necessary to differentiate ourselves are different. Not all distributors and sales professionals are positioned to thrive.

Customers of all shapes and sizes expect and are demanding the best solutions available, with competitive resources and value.

Our industry was built to attract people that thrive on independence and want to be responsible for their own success- getting out of it, in proportion to what they put into it. That doesn’t need to change, however the necessary resources to design and deliver value certainly have and are ever changing.

It’s no longer possible to thrive by ourselves alone.

Your client value proposition needs to be more than just product sourcing and creative ideas. Leading end user corporations are seeking supplier partners that can truly help them:

  • Create and inspire brand interaction.
  • Motivate & empower their people to perform at their best.

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